Betufa is a part of the Ufakick gambling casinos. It is where most members go to gamble on football. This is a sport consisting of two halves and each half is 2 minutes long (ninety minutes in total). As a rule, the referee will add to each half a stated time which is part of the half. The rest is 1 minute between the first and second half. The two teams play, each with a goalkeeper and ten players.

Goal of game 

This game is played on a grass field. The point of the game is to score a goal by passing the ball to each other. Moving the ball is mainly by the foot – the use of hands (except for the goalkeeper) is not allowed. The winner of the game is the team scoring the most goals.

Rules for betting 

The norm for calculating bets on all sports is the legal time of the game unless otherwise stated in the bet type. Legal time includes the main game time and any lost time. For example, in a football game, the betting criterion is 5 minutes plus a time when the referee declares a timeout at the end of the semi-finals unless it is clearly stated in the bet types that the overtime winner or the penalty shooter, or the champion, wins. And…in this case the norm will no longer be applied.

Unfinished game 

If the game remains unfinished for some reason, the assignment must be specified within 3 hours; otherwise, if the game is played for up to 2 minutes, the bets will be settled in the same order as results.

Conditions use for settling

 Conditions that are settled on those items that were determined before the game was abandoned will remain in force. An example – if the bet is half won and the game is abandoned in the middle of the second half, the bets on the first half will remain valid. The rest of the match (in this type of bet) is the criterion for the rest of the game only and the result of the games is not counted before your bet is registered.

First changers 

First changers: first substitution in this type of provision, the criterion in terms of time or specify a replacement team changer is calculated by half (from 45 minutes to start the second half), replaced in the first half are not.

Asian Handicap Betting 

The criterion for all bets on the Asian Handicap is the start of the game. Refer to the handicap section of the Terms of Reference for more information. 

First half

Only the first half conditions are included. If the game is abandoned before the end of the first half, the conditions of the first half will be void. If the game is canceled in the second half, the first half bets are valid.

Second half

Only the second half bets are included, if the game is canceled in the second half, the first half bets are valid, and the second half bets are void.